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NC State down to No. 57 in SP+ after Week 2

Notre Dame v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

NC State’s rough Saturday (or rough fourth quarter, if you’re trying to be kind) led to a bit of plummeting in SP+, where the Wolfpack began the season at No. 42 and now sits at No. 57.

The offense ranks 71st, while the defense, which has surrendered an alarming number of big plays, is 48th. I have to think that NC State will get some of these defensive issues corrected, and that unit has looked fine for the most part, it’s just those big whoopsies that were a killer against the Irish.

Maybe there’s not that much to be taken from the disaster of the fourth quarter, what with the air completely leaving the balloon after the offense failed to score off the Sam Hartman fumble late in the third, and Brennan Armstrong subsequently gifting the Irish a short field on back-to-back possessions.

NC State went from down 24-17 with the ball in the red zone and a chance to tie do down 38-17 in like five minutes of game time.

Plenty of things to fix on both sides right now, and hopefully this weekend’s glorified scrimmage will help some.