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Carter-Finley Stadium upgrades for 2023

Florida State v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Replay Photos via Getty Images

NC State released some details on its fan amenity upgrades to Carter-Finley for the 2023 season, the largest of which everybody knows about already: that XL-sized scoreboard and new sound system.

Jeff Gravley provides a rundown:

More details are available here. The concourse televisions and added speakers to air the radio broadcast should be helpful. (Though I’m not sure how easy that radio call is gonna be to hear amid the concourse bustle.)

In other news, the marching band has flipped end zones to the north side. I’m guessing that’s to help the alums hear it a little better, since the band had been embedded in the middle of the student section. And if they’re putting the band in those student seats behind the goalposts, it should look pretty good on television. Just gotta make sure the sound from the GigantorTron doesn’t detract from the band’s presence.