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Life on Campus at NC State: February 2018

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

In the time since I last made one of these posts, the football team finished a 9-4 season, and the basketball team has gone on a bit of a run in ACC play. A few things have also happened around NCSU that I’ve spent time detailing below because I have a weird, unexplainable obsession with all things NC State:

Taco Bell Cantina on Hillsborough

In my time at State, we had a Taco Bell on campus in the Talley Student Center. A lot has changed in the last 4 years, as Talley has been gutted and turned into the Talley Student Union, and Taco Bell has rolled out a new concept that serves alcohol. Clearly some visionary at Taco Bell HQ was paying attention to the fact that the area around State now only has one Taco Bell within a mile of campus, and the fact that State fans & students alike love their alcohol, because Taco Bell has answered all of our prayers and will be opening a “Taco Bell Cantina” at 2304 Hillsborough Street next to Smashed Waffles. I believe this means Taco Bell Cantina will be filling the final spot for retail space beneath The Broadloom apartments across from Tompkins Hall & Caldwell Hall.

Taco Bell Cantina will feature frozen alcoholic slushie machines, draft beer, and wine (lol). May god have mercy on the plumbing system at The Broadloom apartments once this whole operation gets under way.

Pedestrian Tunnel Under Trinity

What was your favorite part of being a student during the fall semester? Right, tailgating. What was your least favorite part about those tailgating months? Correct, playing a real-life version of Frogger crossing Trinity Road while making your way from the student lot to Carter-Finley after drinking a borderline irresponsible amount of cheap light beer with airplane bottles jammed in your socks, shoes, belt, and/or jacket.

Well the NC Department of Transportation has decided to address this glaring concern, and will spend $4.3 million to dig a tunnel from one side of Trinity to the other. Trinity is expected to be closed from March 1 to August 1, and the goal is to have the tunnel ready by the start of State Football’s 2018 National Title Run.

Case Commons Cancelled

A few years ago it was announced that NCSU would be building a basketball dorm next to Reynolds Coliseum that would have housed both basketball programs, team managers, and a few other select students. The dorm was going to be funded entirely by private donations. However, the project was pushed back with the transition from the Gott-man to Kevin Keatts. In the time since Keatts was hired, apparently the costs have grown to the point where the project is not feasible anymore. Per James Henderson of Inside Pack Sports, this project has been shelved. Fingers crossed they can allocate whatever amount of funds that already been collected and finally renovate Doak Field.

Campus-Wide Upgrades

Additionally, there are soon going to be a number of various construction efforts taking place around State’s campus. The largest of these two projects are:

  • The “Engineering Building Oval” will break ground in April. This building will be located between Engineering Building 1, and Hunt Library, on Centennial Campus. The project has an estimated completion date of 2020, and will complete construction of the buildings that will make up the perimeter of the Oval. Maybe after construction is completed, they’ll hire someone to come up with actual names for the buildings over on Centennial Campus. I’m thinking “Engineering Building 1” could be easily transitioned into the “JaySam Institute for Higher Learning”.
  • Carmichael Gymnasium will also see extensive upgrades. Carmichael has seen some pretty incredible renovations in recent years as they’ve overhauled different parts of the original gymnasium from 2014 - 2016. However, this new construction effort will last until 2020. The building directly next to the original gym, and in front of the Rec Center that was built in 2007, will be totally gutted and turned into what can be seen in the design mock-ups here. This new project will revamp 1,000 square feet of Carmichael, and will connect all of the buildings in that area of campus. Of all of the campuses I’ve been on, State’s gymnasium has been the most impressive, and that should only be even more so after this project is complete. The building that this project relates to currently houses the Carmichael Complex’s offices, and assorted racquetball courts that doubled as classrooms for different physical education courses, so I’m not sure anyone will really miss this building for the next 3 years.

Academical Stuff & Things

As I had said in one of the previous write-ups I posted, the college rankings that come out of places like the US News & World Report, Forbes, or the Wall Street Journal, are highly subjective, and factor in numerous totally garbage and irrelevant elements that help to comprise a university’s overall composite ranking. However, a school that places well on these lists and rankings can do themselves a huge favor in the additional positive PR that these rankings can bring. Previously, the US News & World Report ranked State 81st overall nationally and 33rd among public universities. Now, NC State has also been ranked at #9 on Kiplinger Personal Finance’s rankings for best value universities. The job that Randy Woodson’s administration has done in raising State’s profile as a university in recent years has been undeniably impressive.

The University also got some good publicity when the Milken Institute ranked Raleigh as having the nation’s 2nd best economy, attributing some of that success to NC State.


That’s it for February 2018. Did anyone else see that whole thing where State won on academic fraud’s home floor last week?

Go State, beat VT. #KeattsIsTheTeatts