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NC State Board of Trustees approves sale of alcohol at athletic events

beer beer beer beer beer beer

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

Not that there was any doubt in the matter, but NC State’s Board of Trustees voted on Wednesday to all for the sales of beer and wine at Wolfpack sporting events. Joe Giglio has the news.

For this to be possible, the state government first had to pass a new law to make alcohol sales legal at UNC-system schools. That happened in June, leaving alcohol sales up to the individual institutions.

Soon enough you’ll be able to enjoy a cold one at Carter-Finley Stadium and PNC Arena. As I’ve discussed previously, the logistics for Wolfpack basketball games are far simpler, since infrastructure for facility-wide alcohol sales has always existed—just only used by the Carolina Hurricanes ‘til now.

Beer sales at Carter-Finley are going to be more complicated initially. I’m curious to see how they handle that in the beginning. It probably involves a lot of those mobile stations that are common at plenty of pro venues already. But hey, beer! Beer beer beer beer beer!