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NC State and New Belgium’s beer collaboration, Old Tuffy, available in August

Cricket - NatWest International T20 - England v Sri Lanka - Kia Oval Photo by Nigel French - EMPICS/PA Images via Getty Images

NC State and New Belgium have had a beer collaboration in the works for a while and on Thursday they announced that their special concoction—a new lager called Old Tuffy—will be in stores soon. Next month, in fact.

The partnership between the school and brewery extends to advancing State’s fermentation science program on campus, and that’s all well and good, but you can’t drink that, now can you.

Old Tuffy will be available across the state once it is ready to go in August, and hey, wouldn’t you know it, NC State has also just been given the go-ahead by the state government to sell beer at its athletics events.

Who knows, friends, perhaps in two months’ time, we’ll be sitting back with a cold Old Tuffy in hand, watching the marching band halftime performance that is all of the sudden way more interesting for some reason. (Because of the beer buzz, is what I’m saying.)