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This week in random NC State history: John Sadri vs. John McEnroe

Clive Rose

NC State's tennis programs haven't amounted to much of anything historically. When I was in school, they were about a half step above the volleyball program in terms of competitiveness, which is not a compliment. But Wolfpack tennis has had its moments, like the run by the men's team to the Elite Eight seven years ago. Or John Sadri's epic NCAA title match against Stanford's John McEnroe in 1978, which I'd never heard of until stumbling onto this tweet:

(Click here to read that article.)

Sadri lost to McEnroe 7-6, 7-6, 5-7, 7-6. He spent a decade as a pro and reached the finals of the Australian Open in 1979, where he lost in straight sets. McEnroe also went on to do some stuff in tennis. Sadri's red blazer and black cowboy hat combo can be experienced in all its glory here: