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Simon Earnshaw named new women's tennis coach, and holy crap look at his résumé

No, Kevin Spacey is not Simon Earnshaw, but he's the only one of the two in the photo archive.
No, Kevin Spacey is not Simon Earnshaw, but he's the only one of the two in the photo archive.
Clive Brunskill

If it's possible to make a statement with a women's tennis coaching hire, Debbie Yow managed to do it by hiring Simon Earnshaw, who'll take over the program after 15 incredibly successful seasons at D-II Armstrong Atlantic State University (AASU?)

I mean, it's not every day you can announce the hiring of a guy who has nine national championships under his belt. Nine! These are the year-by-year results of his women's teams at Armstrong while he was the head coach:

Year Team Record Regular Season Conf. Finish Conference Tourney Finish NCAA Finish
2014 28-2 1st (13-0) 1st Runner-Up
2013 30-1 1st (13-0) 1st Champions
2012 29-0 1st (12-0) 1st Champions
2011 28-3 1st (12-0) 1st Semifinalist
2010 33-0 1st (12-0) 1st Champions
2009 28-1 1st (10-0) 1st Champions
2008 32-1 1st (10-0) 1st Champions
2007 29-1 1st (11-0) 1st Semifinalist
2006 30-1 1st (8-0) 1st Runner-Up
2005 30-0 1st (10-0) 1st Champions
2004 28-1 1st (10-0) 1st Semifinalist
2003 21-7 2nd (9-1) 2nd Round of 16
2002 26-4 1st (10-0) 1st Runner-Up
2001 22-6 2nd (9-1) 1st Quarterfinals
2000 17-7 1st (11-0) 2nd Quarterfinals
• 411-35
Overall record
• 13 Regular season Titles
• 160-2 Conference record
• 13 Postseason conference
tournament championships
• 6 National

That's a .922 overall winning percentage (.965 over the last 11 years, as State's press release helpfully points out), which, you know, that's pretty good and stuff. He was also coaching the men's team, which won three national titles. In keeping with the theme established at the the top of this post, let's go to Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler for their reactions to this hire:


Whoa whoa, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here, but yeah, this looks like a pretty good move. Or at the very least, a worthwhile gamble.