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NC State parts ways with volleyball coach Bryan Bunn after six seasons

Darren Abate/Getty Images

Yes, I'm gonna spend a few words on volleyball here in light of the news that Bryan Bunn is no longer the head coach of the team. The Wolfpack finished its 2015 campaign 16-16 overall and 5-15 in league play. It was the second consecutive year State had a rough run through ACC play, and it was Bunn's demise.

But the thing is, for a guy who just lost his job, Bunn's done some impressive work in Raleigh. As I've mentioned in the past, NCSU volleyball had been the very definition of abysmal prior to his arrival, and frankly, there seemed little point in even maintaining the program. (Though I'm sure Title IX would be an issue there.)

See here:

Overall W-L (Pct.) ACC W-L (Pct.)
Volleyball, 1990-2009 201-441 (.313) 35-277 (.112)
Bunn Era, 2010-2015 108-83 (.565) 45-73 (.381)

Are .565 and .381 winning percentages great accomplishments? No, but look what he walked into--the program had won 35 league games over the previous 20 years. During my four years at State, they won exactly one ACC game. One. Bunn twice led the Pack to winning records in the ACC, and in 2012 took the team to the NCAAs, which would have seemed insane a few years prior. They were close to getting back in 2013.

But ultimately he couldn't sustain that success, and his teams regressed from competitive in the ACC to bad once again. The Pack won only 10 league games in 2014 and 2015 combined. So moving on from Bunn is not without justification, but it is bittersweet. We can acknowledge it was time to make a change and also applaud the man for a rather incredible--albeit short--turnaround from the deepest regions of futility.

One last tip 'o the cap to you, coach.