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NC State, Nyheim Hines win 4x100 relay title at ACC championships

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Nyheim Hines is really fast, and it doesn't matter what surface you give him. Fast on turf, sure; fast on a track, yeah, obviously. Hines helped the Wolfpack take the 4x100 event at the ACCs this weekend. The men's track and field team was outstanding overall, finishing second to Virginia Tech.

The one thing I would not do here, and let me preface this by saying that I entirely disagree with myself; what I absolutely would not do is look at these results or watch that highlight and get excited about football season. I would never do that. Never let your May show, buddy, unless you want it to.

Football team could be okay, though. We have Nyheim Hines, as well as Jaylen Samuels.

The track team is already pretty good, and it only has half of those guys. Have to tip your cap to them considering those circumstances.