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NC State swimmers competing for spots on U.S. Olympic team

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Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

NC State already has three alums who've qualified for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, but none of the three are American. The U.S. Olympic trials began Sunday in Omaha, Nebraska, and not surprisingly given the quality of its programs, the Wolfpack is well represented.

I mean:

More than two dozen NC State swimmers made the cut for Olympic trials, and I couldn't tell you if that's a record or not, but it sure as heck is impressive. Four years ago, the Pack sent only nine swimmers to Olympic trials. The men's and women's programs have an incredible amount of talent.

NC State didn't have a swimmer secure a spot on the U.S. team Sunday, though several kids had productive days. Natalie Labonge became the first female Wolfpack swimmer to break one minute in the 100 butterfly, while Austin Snyder made it all the way to the 400 IM final, where he finished eighth. More details from right here.

The U.S. swim teams are consistently dominant at the Olympics--the men's team, for example, has won 127 gold medals all-time, and no other country has more than 98 total medals. I doubt there are more difficult Olympic trials anywhere. So if State gets some players on this year's team, it won't be a fluke. Good luck, kids!