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Video: NC State's coaching staff celebrates Ryan Held's Olympics berth

Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

One thing you don't really get with other sports that you do with swimming: coaches wearing their emotions like any other fan and completely losing their shit. Witness this footage from NC State sophomore Ryan Held's swim in the 100M free final, which earned Held a spot on the US national team.

They're tense for the first leg, but once Held makes the turn and they see his time, they all exhale a bit and somebody exclaims "holy shit!" and then it's just a lot of yelling the rest of the way. This is how sports should always be, as far as I'm concerned.

I think that's head coach Braden Holloway in the red cap, and why the heck wouldn't you want to swim for that dude? His enthusiasm is one of the big reasons why State's swimming program has made such a significant turnaround.

It was a big night for Held, for Holloway, and for NC State. It's all encapsulated in those 90 seconds. That was fun; let's do this again in Rio.