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NC State women’s swimming captures first ACC title since 1980

Braden Holloway’s machine keeps making history.

2016 AT&T Winter National Championships - Day 1 Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

NC State’s swimming program has been incredibly good over the last few years, but most of the attention has gone to the men’s team—the men are back-to-back ACC champs and have an Olympic gold medalist to their credit.

The women’s team is also really really good, but it’s been deprived of a breakthrough by Virginia, which came into this week the winner of nine consecutive ACC titles. Virginia has been the power in ACC women’s swimming. No more. The NC State women broke through this week, and they were so good, it was academic by the last few races of the day.

It’s a victory that took nearly four decades, but with a fantastic coaching staff, the team was built for this moment and delivered. State won narrowly in a dual against UVA earlier this year, and that was in Raleigh; it was a good sign, but certainly no guarantee for how this week would go.

This week ended up going a lot better than one might have guessed since there really wasn’t much suspense left as the competition wound down. State took first with 1183.5 points, Virginia finished second with 1,100.5, and Louisville was a distant third.

Congrats to Braden Holloway and staff, and all of the swimmers involved on Thursday. They made some program history by finally conquering UVA.