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NC State men’s swimming closing in on third straight ACC title

Ryan Held and company are rolling once again.

Swimming - Olympics: Day 2 Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images

NC State has won all six swimming events at the ACCs and holds a significant lead in the race for the ACC title, which will be decided on Thursday. (Note: It has already been decided and NC State will win.)

Since head coach Braden Holloway took over in Raleigh, State has been known primarily as a sprinting school. Ryan Held won a gold medal this past summer in the freestyle relay event, which kind of underscored that rep. NC State has absolutely dominated the sprint events at the ACCs so far.

Held, by the way, keeps getting better. He has gone from surprising and unrecognized member of the US Olympic team to one of the top sprinters in the country.

NC State had to come from behind after the diving portion of the ACC championship but should have little trouble following through with a win over the next couple days. The diving part is calculated—State’s been among the league’s worst there for years, but they are so good everywhere else, it doesn’t matter. It definitely won’t matter this year.