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NC State fires softball coach Shawn Rychcik after six seasons

This felt inevitable for a while now.

Valerie Rameriez pitches Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

NC State is in the market for a new head softball coach this offseason after parting ways with Shawn Rychcik following another dreary season. Rychcik was 173-162-1 in six seasons and had a losing record in league play over that span.

For a bit there, though, he appeared to be a guy capable of raising the program’s profile over the long term. He led the team to an ACC tournament title in 2013 and to its first Super Regional appearance in 2015. But man did his program fall off a cliff after that. This past season, the Wolfpack finished 5-18 in the ACC and eight games under .500 overall.

The two years prior were pretty much just as bad, so he was never going to live through a third consecutive off-year, with no apparent forward progress.

I don’t have any idea how the Wolfpack job is viewed within college softball circles—the program is still relatively new—so I’ll be curious to see how this search pans out. The next person in charge will be just the third in the team’s 15-year history.