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ACC Network rolling out non-revenue sports’ broadcast schedules

The channel’s debut is right around the corner.

Texas Rangers v. New York Yankees Photo by Jason Szenes/Getty Images

The ACC Network’s debut is barely two months away now—Aug. 22 is the date—and as it gets closer, the league has been announcing broadcast schedules piece by piece. Football and men’s basketball dominate the interest for most of us, but the network will also be a considerable boost for the non-revenue sports.

This week, the ACC Network announced broadcast schedules for volleyball, field hockey, and men’s and women’s soccer. Those games may not exactly be ratings bonanzas, but the coverage is a good recruiting tool for the programs involved.

Four NC State women’s soccer matches will be televised, including matchups with UNC and Duke. One Wolfpack men’s game will be televised, as will a pair of State’s volleyball games. It’ll be nice not having to go online to watch these sports.

More announcements will come as schedules are finalized—in particular I’m looking forward to the expanded baseball coverage that’ll come next spring—but the above is what they’ve shared publicly so far.