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NC State swimming associate head coach Bobby Guntoro details bout with coronavirus

2019 NCAA Division I Mens Swimming and Diving Championship Photo by Andrew Loehman/NCAA Photos via Getty Images Photos via Getty Images

Assistant NC State swimming coach Bobby Guntoro has been dealing with a mild case of coronavirus this month, which is to say that he didn’t have to go to the hospital but still endured a hell of a lot.

Retta Race of spoke with Guntoro about the experience:

Upon waiting for the test results, Guntoro said his condition went totally downhill over the next few days. “I could barely walk. I couldn’t smell anything. I couldn’t taste anything and I didn’t even want to eat.” As a healthy man who walks nearly 10 miles a day, he wound up losing 18 pounds in 8 days.

He’s also not exactly an old man: he graduated from UNC-Wilmington in 2011. It goes to show once again that the virus can hit hard even when you’re young and in good shape, and I wish people could do a better job of internalizing this fact, since it’d probably help us get out of this whole mess a lot faster. (I’d REALLY like to have some sports back at some point.)

Anyway, wear your damn mask out there, kids.