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NC State women’s soccer will not compete in 2020

North Carolina State v Miami

The NC State women’s soccer program announced Monday morning that “due to a depleted roster, the combination of injuries and not all members of its roster returning to Raleigh this semester,” the team will not play in 2020. NC State informed the ACC of its decision on Friday.

The program will turn its focus to 2021 and could be ready to compete in the spring if the season happens to get pushed back.

I really feel for the players, but the situation must be truly dire for the school to make the decision to throw in the towel on the fall. The good news is that all of these players will maintain their current year of eligibility, so from that standpoint they aren’t going to lose anything by sitting out this season.

It’s still a bummer, but safety is the most important thing, and especially under the current circumstances, there’s no reason to forge ahead with a thin roster.