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NC State swimming swept UNC twice this season

2019 NCAA Division I Mens Swimming and Diving Championship Photo by Andrew Loehman/NCAA Photos via Getty Images Photos via Getty Images

Since the men’s basketball team decided to ring in the new year with a losing streak, I feel it is important from a morale standpoint to note that the NC State swim teams have swept UNC twice this season. The swim teams have been good about maintaining normalcy, and for that I am appreciative. Twice as appreciative, even.

In the first meeting, back in November, the State men beat UNC 212.5-201.5, while the women won by a 224-167 margin. They met again Friday night, with the men winning 173-127 and the women winning 188-109. (Please don’t ask me about scoring in swimming because I don’t know.)

That’s neat, isn’t it? NC State has owned this rivalry, but normally it has but one opportunity to sweep UNC in a season. This time it got the chance to sweep UNC two times, which it of course did, and that’s twice as good as normal.

Oh also they swept Duke on Saturday.