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NC State’s Jaeda Daniel and Nell Miller win NCAA doubles national title

More history for women’s tennis.

2022 NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Singles and Doubles Tennis Championship Photo by Steve Woltmann/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

It’s been a good 12 months, as far as making history goes, for the NC State women’s tennis program. Last spring, the team reached the Final Four for the first time ever. (And reached the Elite Eight again this season.) Today, Jaeda Daniel and Nell Miller delivered the program’s first-ever national championship.

It’s difficult to overstate just what an accomplishment this is for the women’s tennis program. It wasn’t that long ago that something like this would have felt impossible. For most of its existence, the program has struggled to compete in the ACC, let alone nationally. The distance that these players and coaches have moved the program forward over the last few years is incredible. They are one of the athletics department’s better success stories.

So a big big congrats to everyone whose hard work made today’s breakthrough a possibility. This is a hell of a win, and hopefully just a sign of more to come.