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NC State tennis is back in the Final Four

2023 Australian Open - Day 3 Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

This was a close one, but NC State delivered in doubles, then gutted out the rest of the night—and what a night it ended up being for the Wolfpack.

The hard work applied this time was done by Diana Shnaider, who is rather obviously the best tennis player in college tennis—but this team has an incredible amount of depth, which is why it still has a chance to win a national title.

I actually don’t know who’s going to beat this team. Shnaider is on such a heater, she’s basically impossible to beat. She did not lose a set against Iowa State; she was so good,

Diana Shnaider can account for two of the four necessary team points for victory—she can win doubles, and she’s better—by a lot—than the other team’s best singles player. In a race to four points, watch out.

She’s killed the field up to this point, so she’d know.