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Jaylen Samuels scores first NFL touchdown in Steelers’ blowout of Panthers

About dang time!

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll take whatever positive vibes I can get after NC State’s debacle last night, and thankfully, Jaylen Samuels hath provideth. JaySam finally saw some decent playing time for the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night, and he picked up his first NFL touchdown as well.

Samuels hasn’t had the opportunity to do much of anything for Pittsburgh this season, and I don’t know if that’s changing or if last night was simply the product of the lopsided nature of the game. Either way, he finished the night with five carries and also had three catches for 22 yards, which is easily a season-high in touches for him.

They should give the above screen play a shot farther out from the goal line next time, where the defense isn’t so compressed on a short field, and see what happens. We all know what he can do with a little bit of space.