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Bradley Chubb set to sign 4-year deal with Denver Broncos worth over $27 million

Chubb is about to be a very wealthy individual.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Bradley Chubb hasn’t signed a contract with the Denver Broncos yet, but his deal is nearly finalized, and once he puts pen to paper, he’s gonna have a lot of money to look forward to. Per Broncos beat writer Mike Klis:

There’s not really any negotiating that goes into NFL rookie contracts anymore—a while back, the league adopted a wage scale for first-year deals that is similar in concept to what Major League Baseball has been doing for a long time. So, basically, the value of Chubb’s contract was essentially set as soon as he was drafted, according to his draft position.

Here is a good breakdown of the rookie wage scale. Every rookie contract is for four years.

Top 10 picks still get a pretty penny, though, and Chubb is no exception. A good chunk of this deal will be guaranteed.