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Jaylen Samuels already impressing the Steelers with his versatility

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers-Minicamp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Jaylen Samuels only has one offseason minicamp on his professional résumé at this point, but that’s all he’s needed to earn notice from both Steelers teammates and head coach Mike Tomlin.

Here is what Pittsburgh offensive lineman Ramon Foster had to say about him:

“He’s made two or three combat catches in the end zone, back-shoulder fades and jump-balls where you’re like, ‘this kid’s got something,’ receiver stuff, which is huge. That gives him an opportunity. He’s just so stoic, too. He’ll catch the ball and just go back like it’s work as usual. That’s what you have to appreciate about a young guy like that.”

JaySam has scored roughly 8 million touchdowns in his life, so he needs no lectures about acting like he’s been there before. Jaylen Samuels has been there so many times before that, frankly, he’s a little bored of the end zone, kinda tired of the end zone’s shit. Familiarity breeding contempt and all that.

He also got some reps with the first team in passing situations during minicamp, which might be where he makes his mark initially. It sounds like the Steelers will split him out wide in certain situations, just like NC State did. It’d be a bit of a waste not to do that.