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Jaylen Samuels finds the end zone in Pittsburgh; Jakobi Meyers continues impressing in New England

Kansas City Chiefs v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

There are so many former NC State players in the NFL these days that the NFL preseason is actually kinda fun. Seemingly every night, there’s at least one Wolfpack alum to keep tabs on, which is pretty cool.

On Saturday night, Jaylen Samuels scored his first touchdown of 2019—maybe the easiest touchdown he’s ever scored.

JaySam finished with 26 yards rushing on four carries. The Steelers have been protective of him, as he has a total of six rushes through the first two preseason games.

Jakobi Meyers was also in action on Saturday and continued to show that he not only belongs in the NFL, but that he might be a significant part of New England’s offense this season. He leads the Pats in targets, receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns—in some cases by wide margins.

Meyers didn’t score a touchdown last night, though he did catch a two-pointer ... and did this:

Turns out you do not need blazing speed if you juke your defender onto his rear end.