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Jakobi Meyers scores 2 touchdowns in preseason debut with Patriots

Yeah, Jakobi!

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

There may be a whole bunch of NFL teams that end up sorry they didn’t bother with even a seventh-round draft selection on former NC State standout Jakobi Meyers. Meyers landed with the New England Patriots after going undrafted, and he’s only been turning heads in the time since.

He’s been excellent in camp, earning first-team reps in the process, and on Thursday night he continued to make a strong case for New England’s final 53-man roster. He hauled in a pair of touchdown grabs in the Patriots’ 31-3 blowout of the Lions.

Meyers led all Patriots receivers in catches (6), targets (8), receiving yards (69), and touchdowns (2). He was also on the receiving end of the Patriots’ longest pass play of the night. He showed that his performance in practice is no fluke, and at this point I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t make the team.

I know scouting isn’t an exact science, but it seems like a highly productive college career from a guy who caught damn near everything thrown his way should weigh more heavily than, say, a lackluster 40-time as you do evaluations. I mean, are any of you surprised that Meyers is quickly proving that he’s an NFL-caliber player?