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NFL Draft 2020: Larrell Murchison to Titans, James Smith-Williams to Washington

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NFL Combine - Day 5 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Larrell Murchison and James Smith-Williams had to wait until Day 3, but did finally hear their names called during the NFL Draft on Saturday. Murchison was first off the board as the 29th pick of the fifth round, and he’s headed to Tennessee. Smith-Williams was selected by Washington in the seventh round.

The Murch Man is ready to do whatever it is the Titans want him to:

“They told me that I can play all along the defensive front – from five technique to zero technique – and they like that part of my game where I am versatile and can help any way that I can,” Murchison said of the Titans. “I am just trying to fit in any way I can. Whatever role they give me to play, I am ready to show I can do it.”

Murchison landed in a good situation, as the Titans are fresh off a run to the AFC Championship game and figure to be competitive again in 2020.

James Smith-Williams wasn’t as fortunate on that front, what with Washington being Washington, but on the bright side he is being reunited with Kelvin Harmon. And the team should get better under Ron Rivera’s leadership.