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Carlos Rodon signs 6-year, $162 million deal with Yankees

Carlos is headed back east.

Philadelphia Phillies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Less than two weeks after Trea Turner cashed in on a huge free agent deal, Carlos Rodon did the same, agreeing to a contract worth $162 million from the New York Yankees. Rodon wisely opted out of his short-term deal with the Giants this offseason.

As someone who roots for an AL team that is not the Yankees, I find this development unfortunate, since this means I’ll probably have to root against him at some point. But I’m really happy that he was able to capitalize on these last two seasons and get that big contract. He will have a great opportunity to win a World Series over the next half dozen years, too.

It’s amazing how he’s been able to turn around his career after struggling for so long with a number of serious injuries. It looked like those setbacks were going to define his pro career, and now he’s a two-time All-Star on the move to New York.

His numbers the last two years: 27-13 with a 2.67 ERA, 422 strikeouts in 310-2/3 IP (12.2 K/9). Those seasons account for more than a third of his career starts, a third of his career innings pitched, and nearly half of his career victories.

Hell of a turnaround. Congrats, Carlos. (Also, just want to plant the seed on this, Carlos: how does “The Carlos Rodon and Family Left Field Bleachers at Doak Field” sound? Perhaps a modest second level and roof behind home plate?)