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Ickey Ekwonu will learn his NFL Draft fate tonight

He shouldn’t have to wait long.

Elissa Cunane and Kayla Jones selected in 2022 WNBA Draft

Congrats, ladies.

B.J. Hill signs $30 million extension with Bengals; Jakobi Meyers gets $4 million deal for 2022

A couple former Wolfpack stars cash in

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Carlos Rodon agrees to $44 million deal with Giants

I'm sad that Carlos won't be back on the South Side but really happy that he's finally healthy and cashing in. He's earned it.

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Ickey runs a sub-five 40 at the NFL Combine

Among other things--like how it's not even uncommon for these dudes to run sub-five 40s--what's amazing about the best of the best linemen is how lean they look. Athletic freaks.

Ickey Ekwonu the projected #1 overall pick in Mel Kiper’s latest mock draft

Four former NC State players taken in USFL Draft

The USFL season begins in April.

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AJ Cole enjoys his day off at the Pro Bowl

There were no punts in the Pro Bowl yesterday, so AJ Cole didn't have a lot to do. Seems like he made the best of it though.

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BJ Hill and Germaine Pratt are headed to the Super Bowl

Also the rest of the Bengals are going to be there. And if you missed it yesterday, Hill made the above play on Patrick Mahomes, which ended up being pretty important.

Pack in the pros: NFL Playoffs edition

Several NC State alums saw action over the weekend.

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Garrett Bradbury makes the head's up play of the week

Now that's never giving up on a play right there.

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Cat Barber signs 10-day deal with Hawks

Hate the circumstances but it's nice to see the Cat Daddy finally get a cup of coffee. Cat played a couple of minutes against the Knicks on Christmas, finishing with an assist.

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Will Richardson gets a fat guy touchdown for Christmas

You see a lot of stories this time of year about the gifts quarterbacks get for their offensive linemen, but rarely will you see "a memory that lasts a lifetime" among said gifts. So kudos to Trevor Lawrence for thinking outside of the box by fumbling right at the goalline, thereby allowing Will Richardson to jump on it and score a TD in the process.

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Alim McNeill gets his first NFL sack

Congrats, young fella!

Jakobi Meyers shows off his passing ability once again

Nyheim Hines signs three-year extension with Colts

The former NC State standout becomes one of the 10 highest paid running backs in the NFL

BJ Hill traded to Bengals

Pack in the Pros - Late August Baseball Edition

NC State has 3 alums at the MLB level and 26 in the Minor Leagues

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Philadelphia Eagles sign Cary Angeline

Best of luck to Cary.

Kelvin Harmon cut by Washington Football Team

On the bright side, he’s free of a terrible organization!

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Trea Turner shows off the wheels in impressive play

The Angels got sloppy and Turner made them pay for it.

Watch Bill Cowher’s NFL Hall of Fame induction speech

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Trea Turner traded to Dodgers in blockbuster deal

My god, the Dodgers are not messing around.

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Luca Tresh signs with Royals for $423k

Looks like the Royals wanted Tresh pretty badly--he essentially received the bonus money of a fourth-round pick.

Team Wolf Blood falls in TBT debut, 74-65

The NC State alums didn’t have the firepower they needed in order to advance.

Game thread: Wolf Blood vs. Category 5

Let’s have some fun.

Team Wolf Blood preps for its TBT opener

It’s Wolfpack basketball in July!

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Carlos Rodon received a ring to commemorate his no-hitter

[walking around with my extremely shiny new ring] ... "Hey, aren't you guys going to ask me about my ring?"

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Ryan Finley cut by the Texans

After an extended stay of, uh, let's see here--two months! After two months with the Texans, Ryan Finley has been cut. A disappointing development for him but I'm sure he'll have other opportunities.

Some Eagles scouts less than thrilled about missing out on Alim McNeill

An understandable disappointment, frankly.

Cary Angeline, Joe Sculthorpe sign UDFA deals

Alim McNeill is a Detroit Lion


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