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There’s a COVID-19 cluster in housing just off NC State’s campus

North Carolina State University Campus Aerial View Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

A cluster of COVID-19 cases has been discovered in housing just a stone’s throw from Hillborough Street, NC State announced this afternoon. The outbreak likely stems from a party held on the property on Aug. 6. NCSU has also revealed that (at least) eight members of its Greek community have tested positive.

Earlier today, NC State also added some data to its bare-bones virus tracking dashboard and reports 42 total new COVID-19 cases found for the week of Aug. 11-17. Twenty-six quarantine/isolation housing units are occupied, which is about 16% capacity.

There is also this, regarding State:

UNC, which announced yesterday that it was transitioning to online-only instruction following multiple outbreaks, reported 135 new cases for the week of Aug. 10-16. (Wouldn’t it be something if the UNC system standardized the dashboard system and reporting methods?)

Elsewhere today, Notre Dame announced that it will be going to online-only courses for at least two weeks after a surge in positive cases. Michigan State threw in the towel on in-person classes before its undergaduate population reported to campus.