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Nobody on Jeopardy! knew where NC State is located

First of all, how dare you.

North Carolina State University Campus Aerial View Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

There wasn’t a lot of familiarity with North Carolina, its geography, or with NC State more specifically, among the contestants on Jeopardy! last night.

Oh yeah, well I don’t know where any of you people are located either! I actually don’t have a problem with what happened here after just having a terrifying flashback to that time in the ‘60s when State’s name almost became UNC-Raleigh. So this is fine. Sweet, sweet anonymity!

I would have thought if nothing else the “research triangle” hint in there would have clued in somebody, but apparently all three of these people are from the depths of Idaho or something.

And clearly none of them spent their formative years playing the Bill Walsh college football game. That video game had to use college towns—like Raleigh!—in the place of school names because it lacked the licenses, and to this day I remain an expert in various university locations.

But not everyone can be so fortunate, and I get that.