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UNC-Chapel Hill takes out hurt feelings with bad scoreboard joke

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The NC State women's basketball team is in Chapel Hill this afternoon hoping to finish out a season sweep of a very mediocre Carolina team. The Pack won the first meeting by 29, and the Tar Heels are only .500 on the season, the program having been destroyed by all the cheating done by the football and men's basketball teams over the last quarter century. (Such a sad, yet common story.) So given that context, um, this was probably not the greatest idea...

Awwww look who has hurt feelings. This is just precious.

It's because State's been referring to UNC-Chapel Hill as "UNC-Chapel Hill" in game stories and game notes, isn't it. The entirely, factually correct name of the school, which is UNC-Chapel Hill. I will use it in a sentence to demonstrate. Ahem. "The UNC-Chapel Hill women's basketball team was throttled Sunday by NC State, 235-22, and then run over a dozen times by UNC administrators driving a very large truck."

Debbie Yow had a great response to this silliness: