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Wolfpack Women get No. 6 seed in ACC tournament, need to solidify NCAA bid

Ellen Ozier-USA TODAY Sports

The Wolfpack Women probably are in the NCAA tournament. They finished the regular season at 19-10 (10-6), and they are in the RPI top 50. That should be enough to get them into the NCAAs regardless of what happens in the ACC tournament, but we also can't deny the lack of signature wins on this team's profile.

The Wolfpack drew the six-seed in the conference tournament, which means they earned a first-round bye.

State is No. 49 in the RPI heading into the conference tournament, and will play either Virginia Tech (RPI No. 108) or Boston College (RPI No. 115) in its tournament opener. Get a win there and State should be fine, but a loss might lead to some sweating when the NCAA selections are made.

It's an interesting and common resume for a bubble team--State has no obvious big wins, but has essentially no bad losses, either. They've been close on multiple occasions to pulling off a breakthrough win and just have not gotten there. This is a good team, but one that is likely locked into the dreaded 7-10 NCAA seed range, barring a run in the conference tournament.