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NC State rolls BC 76-60, advances to play Syracuse

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

NC State came into the ACC women's basketball tournament holding the No. 6 seed and a 19-10 record. The Wolfpack didn't need to beat Boston College on Thursday night to secure a bid in the NCAA tournament, but winning doesn't hurt, either. State outscored BC 25-7 in the first quarter and didn't let up the rest of the way, cruising to a 76-60 victory.

Four Factors NC State
eFG% 50.8 49.1
Turnover Rate 13.7
Off Reb Rate 33.3 24.2
FT Rate 26.2 29.4

60 66 90.9 115.2
NC State
76 66 115.2 90.9

Having watched this game from start to finish, I can add on to what I saw Wednesday night: Boston College is real bad at all forms of basketball.

The Wolfpack got a big game from Miah Spencer, who scored 17 in 29 minutes. Forward Jennifer Mathurin scored 15 on 5-10 shooting, while Dominique Wilson scored 14 on 6-18 shooting. State was able to weather Wilson's off night with no problem.

The Wolfpack played like it wanted to be in this game, while Boston College looked perpetually ready for the season to end. State jumped passing lanes a bunch of times in the first half, and often took possession from the Eagles. The Pack's edge at guard paid dividends as Spencer and Wilson created a lot of trouble with dribble penetration.

NC State led 25-7 after the first quarter; NC State led 42-18 at halftime; Boston College never bothered to care about a serious comeback. State advances in the ACC tourney to play third-seeded Syracuse on Friday night.

The reasons to root for a Wolfpack run through this tournament are two-fold: first, winning the whole darn thing is awesome, obviously; second, more wins could drive up State's NCAA seed, which is to say the Pack could get off the 7/8/9/10 seed line.