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NC State coach Wes Moore not pleased with Wolfpack Women’s NCAA tournament seed

Yeah, he’s got good reason to be not pleased about this.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

NC State’s women’s basketball team is in the NCAA tournament, but the Wolfpack is going to have to travel to Texas as the No. 6 seed in a pod hosted by No. 3 Texas. There’s an argument you could make for State getting a top-four seed in a region, which would have allowed State to host during the first weekend.

Wolfpack head coach Wes Moore was about as baffled as the rest of us about the selection committee’s seeding choices on Monday night, lamenting how Miami somehow got a host spot (i.e., a top-4 seed in its region) and State didn’t. “Not real sure about how a team that finishes seventh in the league gets to host,” he told the News & Observer’s Jonathan Alexander. NC State finished fourth.

Moore had a lot more to say on the subject, too, and I would as well after being snubbed completely from the tournament last season and being underseeded the year following. I don’t think the NCAA women’s tournament selection committee is real popular in the athletics department offices these days.