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NC State can’t overcome refs, Texas in 84-80 defeat

this is where it ends, alas

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-UNI vs Texas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

See, this is why I try not to watch a lot of women’s college basketball. The difference in officiating quality is so vast it will drive you crazy. Guilty as charged. NC State lost 84-80 at Texas on Sunday afternoon, robbing State of a Sweet Sixteen spot, thanks to a pair of horrible calls down the stretch.

The first one fouled out Miah Spencer, who had a huge game for the Wolfpack. She scored 31 points only to be cut down by a ridiculous cheapie in the last couple of minutes. Then Dominique Wilson was called for a charge after a nice drive to the bucket that would have given the Pack a lead.

But remember, kids, officials don’t affect the outcome of games!

That was an absolute embarrassment of officiating down the stretch and Texas got away with going over the back on rebounds all day long but so it goes, so it goes. Great effort by the Wolfpack today and I’m disappointed it didn’t get the result it earned. Life ain’t fair though.