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BTP The Offseason, Day 65: Wes Moore’s Wolfpack grows by one

Feeding the Wolves Photo by Soibelman Syndicate/Visual Studies Workshop/Getty Images

Wes Moore’s NC State team is loaded at forward but has some question marks along the perimeter. Moore answered one of them by landing Big West Player of the Year Raina Perez, a graduate transfer from Cal State Fullerton.

Perez averaged just shy of 20 points per game last season and was ranked as one of the five best grad transfer players on the market by ESPN’s Graham Hays. She logged a ton of minutes and had a usage rate approaching 30% last season, and only three D-I players made more shots.

She hit 35.5% from three despite the heavy workload and also hit 82% of her free throws. Stepping into the ACC will be an adjustment for her because she’s only 5’4, but her perimeter game should translate fine, and she won’t have to do nearly as much for the Wolfpack as she did for the Titans last season. Her assist rate ranked 172nd out of over 3,000 qualifying players in 2020, which is more evidence she should be a natural fit at the point.


Hey, who wouldn’t want this gig?

In the wolf enclosure, a keeper at Whipsnade Zoo throws raw meat to a pack of wolves, London, England, 1920s or 1930s.