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NC State women’s basketball postpones two games after positive COVID-19 test within program

Boston College v NC State Photo by Andy Mead/ISI Photos/Getty Images

NC State announced Tuesday that the women’s basketball program is postponing both of its games this week after a positive COVID-19 test within the program. NC State was scheduled to travel to Virginia Tech on Thursday and Wake Forest on Sunday.

The Wolfpack Women do have an open spot on their schedule—they were supposed to play at Duke on Jan. 28 before the Blue Devils opted out of the season entirely. So perhaps there is a make-up game that the league can slot into that date, though whether either Virginia Tech or Wake would be available then, I don’t know.

State isn’t the first elite women’s basketball program to get hit by COVID-19 this season: UConn had a lengthy delayed start to its season because of positive tests, and Baylor recently hit pause after its head coach tested positive.

You’d have to figure that NC State’s games next week are in jeopardy as well, and that includes its scheduled showdown with second-ranked Louisville on the 17th.