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NC State women dominate Towson, 100-52

Towson, more like Ow, Son!

NCAA Womens Basketball: Indiana at NC State Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve put a game on ice after 10 minutes, you’ve had a pretty good night. NC State raced out to a 26-5 lead on Towson after the first quarter and extended the lead to 30 points by halftime. So Wes Moore had a lot of garbage time to work with, and got 11 players at least 10 minutes of playing time.

Four Factors

... NC State Towson
... NC State Towson
eFG% 63.2 31.7
TO% 17.2 17.2
OR% 46.9 25.0
FTR 27.9 15.5

Pace and Efficiency

NC State 100 76 131.6 68.4
Towson 52 76 68.4 131.6

Diamond Johnson was excellent in the first half and finished with a team-high 16 points on 7-10 shooting. Her playmaking ability will be a big difference for this team.

Elissa Cunane scored 15 points in 14 minutes, Jakia Brown-Turner had 13, Camille Hobby had 12, and Raina Perez added 11. Madison Hayes didn’t make a shot from the field but grabbed 12 boards and dished out six assists, both team-highs. The Pack’s young players got plenty of time in the second half and had their moments—Aziaha James scored nine points on 4-7 shooting to lead the way.

NC State shot 58 percent inside the arc, 50 percent from three, and grabbed nearly half its missed shots. Towson, oh dear sweet poor Towson: the Tigers were 3-31 from beyond the arc, and that’s about all that needs saying about their performance. It’s no wonder they got buried in a hurry.