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NC State women’s basketball a 2-seed in NCAA tournament selection committee’s first reveal

The heck?

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 07 ACC Women’s Tournament - NC State v Boston College Photo by William Howard/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Monday night the women’s NCAA tournament selection committee released its initial top 16, and NC State, which has road wins against a pair of top-five teams, is not on the top seed line. Hell, NC State is not even the top two-seed, as far as this committee is concerned—that’s Texas A&M.

South Carolina and Louisville—again, two teams State has gone on the road and beaten—are on the top line. I guess we’re living in a world now where two losses to mediocre teams on the road carry as much weight or more as a pair of wins over elite teams on the road? That’s what we’re going with here?

Stanford is tops in the NET, which seems to be enough to give the Cardinal a one-seed despite a loss to an 8-9 Colorado team that is 57 in the NET. The two teams to beat State—UNC and VT—are both in the NET top 40.

Texas A&M doesn’t have a top-end win on the resume, and the Aggies are three spots behind the Wolfpack in NET. But the Aggies have had more opportunities against ranked opponents than NC State, and clearly that’s getting some mileage. The ACC’s relative lack of quality must be hurting State to some extent, but I guess doesn’t matter as much in Louisville’s case?

NC State also has played fewer games than any of the teams ranked above it ... could that be a factor? Hell, I dunno, man. Hard to figure much from this, except that it’s pretty disrespectful.