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Jakia Brown-Turner, Elissa Cunane among finalists for USA’s AmeriCup team

Indiana v NC State Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Recently both Jakia Brown-Turner and Elissa Cunane joined other top women’s college basketball players to compete for spots on the USA squad that will compete this summer in the AmeriCup, which is a tournament involving 10 countries from North and South America.

Brown-Turner and Cunane are among the 13 finalists for the final 12-person Team USA roster; the players who make the final roster will head to training camp at the start of June, and the event begins June 11.

Now, why they needed to announce a 13-person list of finalists rather than simply announce the 12-person final roster, I do not know. But this is a thing they did. So NC State will have at least one player on this team!

The top four teams at the AmeriCup advance to a qualifying event for the 2022 FIBA World Cup.

Sounds like a fun experience, not to mention an opportunity go up against players who will make you better. Just don’t get hurt out there, ladies, please!