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Highlights! NC State comes alive in 2nd half to down the Heels

Louisville v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Great teams can turn a game around on a dime, which is something that UNC found out the hard way on Sunday. As rough as the majority of the first half was for NC State, the Pack went into the locker room, regrouped, and came back out playing at a much higher level.

It helps to start making some shots. NC State shot just 2-12 from beyond the arc in the first half, then shot 7-11 in the second. UNC, on the other hand, was just 1-12 from outside in the second half.

With the season sweep of the Tar Heels (it’s fun to type that), the Wolfpack improved to 10-0 in league play and got another potential land mine out of the way. Still it’s not going to be an easy finish down the stretch, beginning with the upcoming road trip to Notre Dame. State also has a game at home against Georgia Tech, plus road games at Duke and Virginia Tech. Those are all NCAA tournament teams.

But hey, if winning the regular season were going to be easy, it wouldn’t be as much fun.