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NC State women blow out UNC, 72-45

And how!

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 02 Women’s - NC State at Indiana Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

NC State came out sharp on both ends of the floor, scored the first 10 points of the game, and cruised past UNC the rest of the way. It was a particularly rough one for the Tar Heels, which was just devastating to watch transpire.

State scored the first 10 and took a 24-7 lead into the second quarter. Turns out, you cannot get down 17 points on the road against a top-five team and hope to have any chance to change your fate. UNC played the second quarter even, but took the aforementioned 17-point deficit into halftime. Basically, this game was over after 10 minutes.

Four Factors

... NC State UNC
... NC State UNC
eFG% 50.0 26.9
TO% 23.9 22.5
OR% 32.5 24.5
FTR 9.0 23.1

Pace and Efficiency

NC State 72 75 96.0 60.0
UNC 45 75 60.0 96.0

That is not a typo: UNC posted an effective field goal percentage below 27.0. The Heels were 10-44 inside the arc and 5-21 beyond it. How embarrassing.

NC State didn’t play well offensively but was more than good enough—the Wolfpack shot it at a normal rate and controlled the glass; the rest is details.

Elissa Cunane picked a good time to have a great game, finishing with 19 points on 6-8 shooting while pulling down 13 rebounds. When she’s playing at an elite level, State is better for it, not surprisingly. She was a standout performer in what was otherwise and underwhelming effort from this group offensively.

Kayla Jones scored nine points on 4-4 shooting in 14 minutes, but Jakia Brown-Turner was only 3-11 from the field, and Raina Perez shot 3-12. Diamond Johnson wasn’t much of a factor either.

If you’d read that last paragraph back to me without any additional context, I would’ve figured that disaster struck, but no actually it was a 27-point win anyway. That’s very funny.