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Recapping NC State’s day at the ACC Women’s Basketball Tip-Off

Hoops season is right around the corner.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Basketball Tipoff Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

We haven’t reached the holiday season just yet, but Wes Moore is already in a jolly mood. Not that anyone could blame him—if I were the coach of the three-time defending ACC champions, I’d be feeling pretty damn good, too.

Moore was in Charlotte today along with Jakia Brown-Turner and Diamond Johnson for the ACC Women’s Basketball Tip-Off media event.

Moore on starting fresh:

These players are going to have to step up and maybe take on roles that they haven’t had in the past as far as leadership. I want them to be like assistant coaches on the court, and sometimes they probably want to be the head coach on the court, but I’d just settle for assistant coach would be nice. Then, we’ve got to make all that mesh together, and it’s a challenge, but it’s what we do. It’s what keeps me so young looking, you know, is getting a fresh start every year.

The Allen Iverson impression needs work, but that’s okay.

Inside Pack Sports has video and a full transcript from the press conference this afternoon.