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NC State holding steady on No. 1 seed line

That looks unlikely to change between now and Selection Sunday.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 20 Women’s - Syracuse at NC State Photo by Nicholas Faulkner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Monday the NCAA women’s basketball tournament selection committee provided an update on its top 16, though nothing changed at the top. NC State remains the No. 3 overall seed behind South Carolina and Stanford, with Louisville currently fourth.

Also in NC State’s region if the tournament were to start today: (2) Iowa State, (3) Maryland, (4) Tennessee. Considering that the committee has the Pack going to Bridgeport, it’s nice of them not to throw UConn in there.

At this point the top seed line feels pretty well set, and while the Wolfpack should probably win its ACC tournament opener just to be safe, I don’t think the Pack needs to win the tourney to hang on to its No. 1 seed. If State and Louisville both advance to the final, that’ll be enough to lock in those top seeds for both, though obviously the Cards could switch places with the Pack depending on the outcome of that game.

Best not to risk anything and go ahead and win the tournament for the third straight time.

The men’s and women’s tournament share the same Selection Sunday this year—that’s March 13. Less than two weeks away!