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It’s Selection Sunday and NC State is a No. 1 seed

NCAA Womens Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament Championship - Miami v NC State William Howard-USA TODAY Sports

NC State is locked in to a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament so the only question is how the underlying quadrants factor in; does State end up the No. 2 overall seed (unlikely) or does State end up at No. 3 overall?

There’s basically no reality where State ends up somewhere otherwise, somewhere other than two or three overall, but most likely Stanford is the second seed. It’s close, but it’s probably South Carolina, then Stanford, then NC State.

We’ll see, but again, it’s close; and it might not matter in the particulars, since all of these teams get to spend the first weekend at home. NC State, Stanford, South Carolina—they-re going to have a couple home games right out the jump.

Good chance that State will have to go through at least one of these teams in order to win the national championship, so hey. What a time to be alive, huh .