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Sights and sounds from NC State’s win over Notre Dame

Surviving and advancing, as one does.

NC State v Notre Dame Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Raina Perez. Raina Perez! Many would simply call it a career after hitting a jumper to win the ACC tournament, but Raina was not done with iconic moments. She has accounted for two big-time plays in NC State women’s basketball history, and she’s only been here two years.

I’m proud of her, and proud of all of the veterans on this team—they didn’t play great at the offensive end, but they never panicked, and when the opportunity presented itself, they took it. Kai Crutchfield was huge in the fourth quarter. Elissa Cunane was a steadying presence throughout. Kayla Jones’ offensive board and put-back made the last 20 seconds possible.

It’s fitting that they defined a milestone win not only for themselves but for the program that they’ve brought back to national relevancy. Their hard work is why NC State is here, and they were determined not to let that legacy conclude on Saturday afternoon.

It pays to have great talent, sure. And these players are all really talented. But it means so much to have experience, too, and today they showed why.