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UNC women’s hoops coach apologizes for calling NC State fans ‘classless’

Here this lady goes again.

NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament - Sweet 16 - Greensboro
Was that wrong? Should I not have done that?
Photo by Jeffrey A. Camarati/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Courtney Banghart, who you may recall from her “small gym” remark, decided recently to add some spice to the offseason. She went on a UNC fan podcast and in the process of talking about the rivalries with Duke and NC State, called State fans “classless.”

Here is that clip:

This is all very funny. Of course there’s a British guy who hosts a UNC podcast. When you think about it, the Brits and UNC fans have a lot in common, given that both have only a passing interest in and rudimentary understanding of college football.

And Courtney Banghart apparently just cannot help herself. Here we all are just minding our business in the middle of August and she’s outside yelling, “And another thing! State fans are terrible! They like to tell children they’re short! They have squirrels for pets! They enjoy urinating on foliage!” Like, lady, I’m just crossing the street over here.

Does what she said merit an apology? No, I don’t think so. Pour that gas, ma’am; you still have to face the music in Reynolds Coliseum, and that’s how these things get sorted out naturally. But her boss clearly disagreed, because she posted this later:

Well all right, then. Until next time, Courtney!