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NC State clocks Kentucky, 84-55

Connecticut v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody, here’s a 30-point win. It was a 40-point game after three quarters—NC State out-classed and flat out dominated Kentucky for the bulk of this one, until garbage time turned into deep garbage time.

State came out and scored 31 in the first quarter, and after that sluggish performance against Rhode Island that the players no doubt heard about constantly in the meantime, that’s not a shocker. NC State led by 31 points at halftime.

Four Factors

... NC State UK
... NC State UK
eFG% 60.5 33.9
TO% 22.5 22.5
OR% 33.3 21.7
FTR 21.0 32.2

Pace and Efficiency

UK 55 76 72.4 110.5
NC State 84 76 110.5 72.4

Wes Moore got to spread the minutes around and we saw lots of time for the freshmen down the stretch, as well as transfer Katie Peneueta, who has missed time early because of injury. Kentucky even obliged by doing some pressing, and just generally providing some quality practice competition. Thanks, Kentucky.

Also, sorry, Kentucky.

But not really.