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NC State routs Pittsburgh, 83-47

Virginia Tech v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

All it takes sometimes is one really good quarter; NC State outscored Pittsburgh 30-6 in the second, and that was more than enough to send the Panthers to bed this afternoon. The Wolfpack led 53-20 at halftime.

Four Factors

... NC State VT
... NC State VT
eFG% 50.7 31.3
TO% 12.3 19.1
OR% 29.3 20.5
FTR 20.0 14.1

Pace and Efficiency

Pitt 47 73 64.4 113.7
NC State 83 73 113.7 64.4

It was a straightforward matter, because Pitt is just that bad, but this game was marred by an ugly-looking knee injury suffered by Mimi Collins, who went down in a pile of like six players fighting for a rebound and had her left leg rolled up by the collective incompetence of Pittsburgh’s players.

This is a literal hazard of playing a team this shitty. Morons flailing everywhere. Can’t do anything skillful, but more than capable of falling down. There is a player on Pitt’s team whose calling card is that she’s drawn 26 charges this season. And no, she’s not actually good at basketball, obviously. Dunce caps abound.

I’m being unfair, but I’m mad about this stupid universe allowing something like this to happen with a game so uncompetitive Pitt might as well have been Marathon Oil. We’ll have to hope for the best.