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College Hoops News

ACC talking with Big Ten and Pac-12 about an alliance of some kind

Maybe everybody’s just bored.

Frustrations with NCAA mounting among college administrators

Mark Emmert, what is it that you do here, exactly?

NCAA clears the way for college athletes nationwide to profit off name, image, and likeness

Choo choo! Here comes the money train into endorsement station!

Coach K is retiring from Duke after the 2021-22 season

What a time.

ACC reports $497 million in revenue for fiscal year 2020

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Dino Gaudio tried to extort Louisville

Well here's a wild development. Remember Dino Gaudio, the coach who did an okay job at Wake and more recently had been an assistant at Louisville? He tried to blackmail UL into paying him 17 months' worth of salary. (He was fired in March.) Like damn, dude, you got gambling debts or something?

The Gott man is back in hot water, it seems

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UNC is promoting Hubert Davis to head coach

Let's hope the strict adherence to their brain-damaged "keep it in the family" philosophy sets them back again.

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Roy Williams is retiring (no, this is not a joke)

Uh, wow.

New ACC commissioner Jim Phillips inherits league’s financial challenges

NCAA men’s tournament weekend open thread

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Archie got canned by Indiana

It's weird to me that Indiana doesn't receive the same knocks NC State always does: i.e., a place with outsized expectations and a rabid fan base living on increasingly ancient success. Anyway, that's a tough gig.

2021 NCAA tournament bracket revealed; ACC gets 7 teams in

If anybody is going to slow down Gonzaga, it ain’t likely to be an ACC team.

If NET was a first step, Wins Above Bubble can be the next one for NCAA tournament selections

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Boston College fires Jim Christian

On the bright side for BC, they probably can't do any worse than Jim Christian's tenure. Probably.

2021 NCAA men’s basketball tournament to take place in one location — Indianapolis, probably

This is fine?

ACC men’s basketball coaches in agreement that every day is casual Friday

NCAA D-I Council votes to begin college basketball season on Nov. 25

The NCAA would prefer not to do the giganto-tourney, thank you

Inspiring: These coaches are leading an effort to give NCAA tournament banners to underprivileged programs

A Nov. 25 start date for college basketball looks most likely

The NCAA is not even considering canceling the hoops season right now.

BTP The Offseason, Day 174: Trea Turner stays cookin’

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NCAA is trademarking phrase 'Battle In The Bubble'

Never too early to be prepared I guess.

College basketball officials considering four different start dates for season, per report

Big Ten, Pac-12 cancel fall football seasons

Two down, three still up in the air.

Big Ten moving to conference-only schedules for fall sports; ACC expected to do the same

Here marks the beginning of the end for fall sports.

BTP The Offseason, Day 112: Under Armour is shedding college apparel deals amid financial troubles

If there’s no more Under Armour in college sports, who will supply the cruddy shoes and misshapen basketballs?

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Oklahoma State hit by NCAA with 1-year postseason ban

Couple things: Okie State's case is substantially different than ours, as the Cowboys had a coach on staff accept bribes to funnel players to certain agents. Additionally, NC State's case is being handled by the IARP, not the NCAA's Committee on Infractions.

NCAA clears football and basketball players to return to campuses on June 1

ACC won’t begin men’s basketball season with conference games, per report

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Wake loses Olivier Sarr to Kentucky

Wake's gonna be real real bad next season--but at least the Deacs have some hope for the future again.

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Wake Forest hires Steve Forbes from ETSU as head coach

Forbes may not be a household name, but he will likely bring consistency to the program. At first glance it seems East Tennessee State are bummed to see him go, so that's a positive sign for Wake fans.


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